Plant hugger

A garden is better than any picture you will ever hang on your wall in that it changes in subtle fashion every day of the year – and sometimes even hourly. The transition from one season to another is particularly fascinating.

A garden is what it is because of its plants. If you think of them as inanimate things then you are missing a lot because in reality they live and breathe as you do. They shout out when they are happy and look sad when they are neglected. Think of them like friends and they will surely reward you.

The pleasure you get from your plants can be a lot more intense than pretty flowers for a few weeks. When you truly buddy up with them, there is so much more enjoyment to be had. Through the blog that evolves with this website I will chart my own plant relationships – those that work and those that don’t.


Looking back over the few months we have been at Flintstones I have enjoyed a few (plant-based) affairs. None have so far been more intense than the fling I had with Rose – Rosa Bonica to give her her full name. A vision in pink, she quite took my breath away when she breezed into view in June and I quite expected her to be gone within weeks. But with a short pause for breath, she was actually still looking breathtaking in early December.

So impressed was I with Miss Bonica that I have now started a relationship with her sister – a half standard that lives in the bed above the waterfall. She was actually a Valentines Day present to Jan (who has a very forgiving nature in relation to these dalliances).

I have equally fallen in love with clematis – and with their sheer variety. I am fascinated by irises and their near cousins the day lilies, and by primulas. And my garden has some unusual plants like Himalayan honeysuckle and an amazing elder called Black Beauty that I nearly ditched until I looked more closely. I will tell you about all that as we go along.