Show us your quirky bits

Quirku milk churn planterNOT so much a blog this time as an invitation to share your quirky bits. No, that’s not an improper suggestion but a polite invitation to send me pics of the more unusual aspects of your garden.

Silly signs, unlikely containers, funny ornaments. Or maybe something you treasure that has come down through your family. The bits many of us use to give our gardens a bit of individual character.

A sign of my quirky times

Quirky pub sign ar Gardener's CallIn my case, my Gardeners Call pub sign (originating from a hostelry in Luton) is the most obvious. I have had it for maybe 12 years but only when we came here last year did I get the talented craftsman known to me as Andre White to stick it in a proper pub frame so tht it swings in the wind. Then, of course, I put a light on it for authenticity.

I also have an Easter Island head that I found buried in the undergrowth when I cleared the rather forlorn garden. The somewhat spooky head is based on famous monumental statues from the Pacific island. Unlike me, it now has ‘hair’ (though it looks rather like a blue grass).

Stones with holes

Stones with holes at Gardener's CallDown by the waterfall, I keep some of the stones with holes right through them donated by grandchildren and friends. Others line the shelves of the summer house we call the Crow’s Nest. I have a thing about rock and also have various bits collected over the years from around Britain and across the world.

The nature of your quirky bits doesn’t really matter. It’s simply having stuff that is peculiar to you that I reckon is important. It makes a statement in the same way as an old baseball cap you keep for walking the dog, a bit of unusual jewellery or the ancient AA badge you keep on your modern car. Something individual and something to treasure. When you move, it goes with you because it’s a significant bit of you.

Come on, don’t be bashful – send phone pix of your quirky bits through to me at and I will pop them on a future blog.